Smart Devices – a new battleground?

Smart-TV’s, smartphone controlled lighting and heating, wifi-enabled garage doors.  As home automation undergoes exponential growth, so the attention moves from PC-based attacks to those on smart devices.

The NEST thermostat is now available to the US marketplace.  This wonderful device connects to your home heating system and allows you to effortlessly control your house temperature from your smartphone.

…when your Nest arrives on your doorstep, you can connect it to an account in seconds. Just install Nest on your wall, enter your Wi-Fi password during setup, and grab a laptop. Open a Nest Account on that same Wi-Fi network, and your account will automatically pair with your thermostat…

Simples.  One of the great things about consumerisation is how complexity can be overcome through the simple application Internet technologies.  And, these things are really secure aren’t they? Well that’s what it says in the product slides.

You might want to read this article.  The increasing prevalence of Smart-devices are now getting attention from the hacker communities.  Vulnerabilities have already been discovered in many smart devices – even toilets (seriously!).  This trend will continue as the prevalence of smart-devices increase.

Watch this space!